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Who are Sporting Chance?

Sporting Chance was a founded and created by Tony Adams, former Arsenal and England Footballer, who himself fought addiction. His story and commitment to helping others within sport lead to the creation of Sporting Chance. Today Sporting Chance is now the worlds leading provider on education and treatment of sports professionals, across a range of sports and from around the world.

The Why…

In today’s world, the importance of mental health has never been more evident. This is particularly true for athletes, who face unique challenges and stresses both on and off the field. Recognizing this critical need, Athlete Now and Sporting Chance have partnered to address the mental well-being of athletes and the practitioners who support them.

Mental health is a broad and often invisible aspect of overall well-being, encompassing everything from emotional and psychological health to social functioning. For athletes, maintaining mental health is crucial for peak performance, injury prevention, and long-term career sustainability. However, the significance of mental health extends beyond the athletes themselves. Coaches, trainers, and other support staff also experience the pressures and demands of the sporting world. Their well-being directly impacts their ability to effectively support and guide athletes. With mental health issues becoming more prevalent than ever, it’s essential to foster an environment where everyone involved in sports can thrive mentally and emotionally.

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The Partnership…

In recent days you will have seen that Athlete Now have set out on a partnership with Sporting Chance to help provide both our athletes and practitioners with the support and guidance they need when things get a little overwhelming. We here at Athlete Now want our members to have access to the best support when it comes to their Mental Health, so Sporting Chance was top of our list!

Sporting Chance will provide a direct line of communication between athletes and the charity’s triage team, who will be able to connect them with one of over 270 counsellors or psychotherapists on their nationwide therapist network. When Athlete Now members fill out the dedicated contact form now available to them, they will be linked to appropriate support based on their location and presenting issue and can book themselves in with that therapist on a private basis. 

Sporting Chance CEO Colin Bland commented on the partnership “We have worked with professional athletes for nearly 25 years, but our funding for these athletes has often been secured through umbrella contracts with large sporting stakeholders.  Through this arrangement we are working slightly differently, giving the opportunity for Athlete Now members to access the same world class support on a private basis, and I hope this partnership is one that we can extend in the future to other organisations.” 

Athlete Now CEO Holly Calvert later added “Here at Athlete Now we want our Athletes to be able to build and take their support networks with them Worldwide, further enabling them to find the suppport they need at the click of a button. Our partnership with Sporting Chance is a huge step in being able to provide a first class, high quality and accessible Mental Health provision.”

You can check out Sporting Chance via there website Additionally, if you’re an athlete or practitioner seeking support, search Sporting Chance via the Athlete Now page and head to the link to fill out the contact form.

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