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Calling All Athletes and Practitioners!

Join Athlete Now as an Ambassador and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to promoting excellence in sports. We’re excited to welcome passionate athletes to represent our brand and enjoy a host of exclusive benefits.

What We Offer for Athlete Now Ambassadors:

  • Increased Exposure: Gain visibility on our platform, social media, website, and newsletters.
  • Complimentary Membership: Enjoy Athlete Now’s professional membership with exclusive discounts and services
  • Celebration of Success: Your achievements will be highlighted on our platforms and social media.
  • Follower Discount: Offer your followers 20% off any current membership price.
  • Financial Incentives: Earn for every new paying member you refer:
    • 10% for Foundation members (and 10% on renewals if the member stays active)
    • 20% for Professional members (first year only, then 10% on renewals if the member stays active).

What We Expect from Our Ambassadors:

  1. An Announcement Post:
    • Share an initial post across your social media channels within a week of signing, introducing Athlete Now and your new role as an ambassador. Use Athlete Now branding (we will provide logos).
    • You must have a publically visible instagram or tik tok profile that you are active on
  2. Choose 2 of the following:
    • 6 x Original photo grid posts about Athlete Now over the year.
    • 4 x story posts per year mentioning Athlete Now.
    • 2 x reels per year mentioning Athlete Now.
    • Add Athlete Now to your social media bio.
    • Link to Athlete Now’s homepage from your website.
    • Include a hyperlink to our website in your blog twice a year.
    • Create guest content for our blog/vlog twice a year.
    • Athletes Only – Support athlete community group by starting/engaging with conversation (monthly)

Behaviour Expectations:

  • Constructive feedback is welcomed if you have suggestions or concerns about Athlete Now’s initiatives.
  • This agreement may be terminated if:
  • Commitments selected above are not met.
  • Discriminatory or derogatory content is posted on social media.
  • You are convicted of a criminal offence (or accused, pending investigation).
  • Promotion of banned substances.
  • Receipt of a ban from your sport.
  • Behaviour conflicting with our brand values.

Ambassador Rights:

  • You have the right to withdraw from the ambassadorship at any time if the values and conditions are not met. Withdrawal can be immediate by sending a notice to Referral fees will discontinue upon termination, and your code will no longer be valid for new members.

Join Us!

Become a part of Athlete Now and help us promote a safe, inclusive, and clean sports environment. To Apply Now, fill in this form here.

Deadline 29th August 2024

Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further information. We look forward to having you on our team!

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