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Welcome to the Athlete Now, the premier sports directory platform. Here at athlete now we can help your team, organisation or company with sports job recruitment. You can post a sports job effortlessly and it’s completely FREE.

In today’s competitive sports industry, finding the right talent is crucial. Whether you’re looking to advertise a sports job in coaching, performance team roles, academia, or consultancy within the sports realm, our platform caters exclusively to high-quality, sports practitioners. Every sports practitioner on our platform is verified against the industry standard qualifications or accreditation. This makes Athlete Now a unique and ideal destination for employers seeking top-notch professionals in the sports sector.

Our platform stands out in the realm of sports employment. With the ease of FREE JOB POSTING, you can effortlessly reach a vast pool of dedicated and skilled sports experts. The process is streamlined and user-friendly and directly in their members area, ensuring that your job listings are not only visible but also appealing to the right candidates. We also highlight the latest roles to our members in our members newsletters. Our commitment to quality and accessibility is what sets the Athlete Now Jobs Board apart as the go-to resource for employers in the sports world.

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If you’re poised to advertise a sports job, there’s no better place than here. Our platform is designed to bridge the gap between exceptional athletes, sports professionals and the sports industry. Experience the convenience, reach, and effectiveness of the Athlete Now Jobs Board and take the first step towards assembling your dream team in the sports industry today.

We Athlete Now call to action for better Ethical practice when posting jobs in sport.

  • All job listings on Athlete Now must clearly state the salary or hourly wage.
  • All opportunities must at a minimum meet or exceed the national living wage standards.
    • The current National Living Wage is £11.44 per hour
    • A Full Time Salary would be a minimum £20,820.80 (35 hours) or £23,795.20 for (40 hours) as of April 2024
  • A deadline for applications must clearly be stated.

Please find the National Living Wage Report for 2024 here (also referred to as the ‘Low Wage Commission Remit).

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