Performance Analysis

Get the tactical edge for your individual, team or competition performance through in-depth player profiling or system analysis.
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Event packages

Big city marathon? Ironman? Getting ready for transfer season? Olympic Games? Our bespoke packages will wrap all the support you need to go from good to great, compete with confidence and succeed.
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Need some technical coaching for your sport? Find the best coaches at whatever level you are at
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Athlete Services

Get the support, facilities, sponsorship, media, financial or legal help you need
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Performance Lifestyle

Get holistic support to help manage all aspects of your athlete life, work, time management, financial support – all so you can focus well on your sport
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Performance Nutrition

Power your performance, increase your energy and develop your recovery through quality nutrition support
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Strength & Conditioning

Enhance your overall functional strength and metabolic conditioning and expert guidance with an in-depth programme either in person or remotely.
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Psychology & Mental Skills

Harness the mind to build confidence, develop performance strategies, deliver under pressure or want to galvanise team dynamics.
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Executive Coaching

Invest in executive coaching to empower you to take the necessary steps forward to create the change you're looking for.
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Training and physiology

Develop your engine so you can go faster for longer. Whether it's for speed or endurance get a programme for your training and event based on your unique physiology.
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Biomechanics & Skill

Develop your technique, to get more return from your effort and upgrade your skill level through analysis, tracking and coaching
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Get support and treatment for your injuries, aches and pains to allow you to train and compete
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Our most trusted and skilled experts.

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Check what our coaches and athletes say about the support they receive.

Trusted, proven, innovative and performance focused. Just what I needed to take on the challenge of being the oldest person ever to compete in the boat race.

James Cracknell

2 x Olympic Champion and adventurer

Superb support. We needed a nutritionist at the club and found just what we were looking for. The support was so good we decided to add psychology support too. The club is so enthused by the extra expertise and performance support.

Alan Rapley

Head Coach, Lichfield Swimming

We had need for a physiologist to support our first team and we found exactly what we were looking for, experienced, perceptive and personable – fitting right in and making an impact with our players and coaches

Nick Levett

Director of Football, Woking FC

Just what I needed at my stage of career. Proven strategies to take me to another level and be more consistent.

Laura Siddall

4 x Ironman champion

I want a performance expert to support me

I want to take my sports performance to the next level by harnessing performance science and coaching

I am a performance expert who can support others

I am a proven performance scientist or executive coach aiming to develop committed athletes and coaches


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