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Want to know more about Athlete Now? Find out about our sports directory that connects athletes from all disciplines to verified sport practitioners and resources. Want to know athlete now came from? Why we are are doing this? or Why any sports person (athlete or practitioner) should sign up to Athlete Now today?

For Athletes: Your Gateway to Peak Athletic Performance

Athlete Now is your go-to platform for connecting with rigorously vetted professionals in sports science, sports medicine, and sports therapy. Whether you’re an amateur athlete aiming to improve, a pro looking to maintain peak performance, or a great coaching guiding others to excellence our platform offers a curated list of experts tailored to meet your specific needs. Use our advanced filtering options to find qualified practitioners based on experience, accreditation, and location. With Athlete Now, you’re not just finding a sports therapist or sports scientist; you’re finding the right expert to elevate your athletic performance.

For Practitioners: Showcase Your Expertise in Sports Science, Medicine, Therapy, Coaching

Are you a qualified practitioner in sports science, sports medicine, or sports therapy or a proven coach? Athlete Now provides a targeted marketplace to showcase your skills, qualifications, and services. Create detailed listings that highlight your areas of expertise and the specific services you offer. With options for profile promotion and professional networking, Athlete Now is committed to helping you expand your reach and connect with athletes who can genuinely benefit from your expertise.

Elevate the Game, Together

Athlete Now is more than just a directory; it’s a community committed to excellence in sports science, sports medicine, and sports therapy. We bridge the gap between athletes seeking peak performance and qualified practitioners offering top-tier services. Join us in elevating the sports industry to new heights of excellence.

Our Values of qualityintegrity and transparency are embedded in everything we do as a company. 

Where Did Athlete Now Come From?

How It All Began: Filling a Gap, Creating Opportunities

The origin of Athlete Now was as serendipitous as it was intentional. Holly Calvert and Nicole Booth first crossed paths in a lift after attending a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event. What started as casual post-event chatter quickly evolved into a deep discussion about the glaring gaps in the sports industry.

From her vantage point as an academic lecturer at UCLAN, Nicole recognised the need for a platform that could help professionals in sports science, medicine, and therapy showcase their qualifications and services. Holly, with her dual experience as a professional golfer and sports therapist, saw the other side of the coin: athletes often found it challenging to locate qualified practitioners who could genuinely help them reach their peak performance.

As fate would have it, Dr. Steve Ingham was working on a similar concept. A leader in sports science with a career at the forefront of sports science delivery in high-performance teams, Steve had also identified the disconnect between athletes and qualified professionals. When Holly and Nicole launched Athlete Now, Steve had just rolled out his own platform. Recognising the similarities in their missions, they decided to connect.

What became immediately clear was how each founder’s skills and experiences complemented the others’. Nicole’s academic and business acumen provided the structural backbone for the platform. Holly’s deep understanding of both athlete and practitioner needs added layers of nuance and empathy to their approach. Steve’s extensive experience in sports science and high-performance teams offered the credibility and quality assurance that would set Athlete Now apart from any other platform.

United by a shared vision and a mutual commitment to quality and integrity, they decided to join forces. And so, Athlete Now was reborn—a centralised marketplace designed to bridge the gap between athletes and professionals, creating a win-win scenario for both parties and elevating the entire sports industry to a new level of excellence. Our mission is to rigorously vet and connect athletes with quality professionals in sports science, medicine, and therapy, making it easier for everyone involved to achieve their goals.

Meet the Founders

Nicole Booth

Nicole Booth Director and co-founder at Athlete Now. Strength and conditioning coach, Sports science lecturer at UCLan and researcher.

Nicole is a Strength and Conditioning (ASCC) leading the next generation as a lecturer and the strength and conditioning coach for the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) scholarship athletes and TASS. Nicole brings a unique blend of academic rigour, hands on performance support and business acumen to Athlete Now. Her expertise in strategy and development ensures that the platform is not just functional but also user-friendly.

Holly Calvert

Holly Calvert co founder and director at Athlete Now. Professional Golfer, Sports Massage Therapist and Performance Lifestyle Advisor.

A professional golfer with a dual career as as an athlete performance lifestyle advisor and sports massage therapist. Holly Calvert knows the sports world inside and out. Her dual career as an athlete a practitioner gives her unique insights into what both need, making her the perfect person to lead our community engagement and marketing efforts.

Dr. Steve Ingham


With a stellar career at the forefront of sports science delivery, performance coaching and leading high-performance teams, Dr. Steve Ingham leads Athlete Now’s commitment to quality practitioners and standards. His extensive experience ensures that the platform meets industry standards. Steve is the Director of Supporting Champions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the sports industry by creating a platform that connects athletes and teams with the most qualified professionals. We’re not just about helping people earn; we’re about helping athletes and coaches receive the quality support they truly deserve.

Our Vision

We envision a world where athletes can reach their full potential and professionals can find true fulfilment in their work. Athlete Now is more than just a directory; it’s a platform designed to meet specific needs with expert solutions. We are values-driven and committed to setting a high standard of excellence, ensuring that expertise and needs align perfectly.

Why Athlete Now?

Quality Assurance: With founders who are experts in their respective fields, we take great care in rigorously vetting all listed professionals to meet high industry standards.

Professional Connections: Engage with like-minded professionals and athletes to share knowledge and experiences, enhancing your practice or athletic journey.

Values-Driven: Our focus extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to make a meaningful impact in the sports industry by ensuring quality and integrity in all we do.

Join us in our effort to improve the sports industry, one connection at a time. Become a part of Athlete Now to get the support you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Athlete Now?

    Athlete Now is a specialised platform that connects athletes with verified professionals in sports science, medicine, therapy and coaching. For athletes, it’s a resource for finding qualified experts to help them reach their full potential. For practitioners, it’s a platform to showcase their skills, qualifications, and services to a targeted audience. See what services are on offer here.

  2. How do I know the professionals listed are qualified?

    We take quality assurance seriously. All professionals listed on Athlete Now are verified to ensure they meet industry standards. Our founders, who are experts in their respective fields, oversee this vetting process to maintain the quality of the platform. Look at each practitioner profile to see how they are qualified. For more on choosing a practitioner see this blog on choosing your practitioner support.

  3. How do I find the right professional for my needs?

    Athlete Now offers advanced filtering options that allow you to search for professionals based on experience, qualifications, accreditations, and location. This makes it easier for you to find the right match for your specific needs.

  4. I’m a professional in sports science/medicine/therapy. How can I join Athlete Now?

    If you’re a qualified professional in sports science, medicine, or therapy, you can apply to be listed on Athlete Now. After a simple review of your qualifications to ensure you meet our quality standards, you can create a detailed listing to showcase your services you can join Athlete Now by clicking here

  5. What are the benefits of joining Athlete Now as a professional?

    By joining Athlete Now, you gain access to a targeted audience of athletes looking for specialised services. You can create detailed listings that highlight your qualifications and areas of expertise. The platform also offers options for profile promotion and professional networking.

  6. What are the membership options for Service Providers on Athlete Now

    You can join athlete now as either a sports practitioner, a sports facility (such as an injury clinic, athlete friendly gym or sports club) or as a service provider. If you are unsure just email our team at hello@theathletenow.com and we can help.

    Starter Membership: Your Gateway to Opportunity – £20/year Currently £10/Year
    The Foundation members offers you a spot on our directory, up to two service listings, and visibility in relevant searches. exjoy exclusive member discounts and stay updated with our exclusive Athlete Now Newsletter. You can also network with other practitioners to build your own co-referral system.

    Professional Membership: Elevate Your Practice – £99/Year Currently £50/year
    The Professional Membership includes all Starter benefits and more. Create up to five listings, and gain access to job boards and athlete request boards. You’ll also join the Supporting Champions Community for additional learning and networking opportunities, and enjoy even more exclusive discounts. Your profile will be featured in our newsletter and on social media once a year.

  7. Is Athlete Now only for elite athletes?

    No, Athlete Now is for athletes of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. Whether you’re just starting your athletic journey or are looking to maintain peak performance, you can find qualified professionals to assist you. Just join up and have access to exclusive discounts, Make a request or search the directory.

  8. What makes Athlete Now different from other directories?

    Athlete Now is values-driven, focuses on quality assurance and aims to provide you with services across the range of needs from conditioning to career support, from facilities to physiology.

    We rigorously verify all listed professionals to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. We are not afraid to say no if they do not meet the requirements for industry. We want to make sure that athletes are supported by those who have the knowledge, skills and pre-requisites needed similar to those who work in roles with sports, clubs, teams and governing bodies. Our platform is designed to be more than just a directory; it’s a resource committed to making a meaningful impact in the sports industry by connecting athletes with the right professionals.

    Feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

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