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We have collaborated with leading organisations and companies to showcase their workshops, training camps, seminars, conferences and more so you can find events to help you develop in your sport or specialism.

The Road to the Olympics: Elevating Performance for Elite Competition

The Olympics are just around the corner, but the preparations for the teams started months ago. Have you ever wondered what goes into preparing a team for the Olympics and other major tournaments? If so, join us for an exclusive webinar, where you'll gain valuable insights into the rigorous process and meticulous planning involved in […]


BASES Webinar – Beyond the Scale: Evaluating Body Metrics in Health and Sport


About Body measures underpin life as we know it; from the trivial: the shape of the chair you’re sat on, the clothes you are wearing and the dimension of your devices, to the critical: the design of your seat belt, your qualification for medical treatments and the dosages of those treatment. In sport we typically […]

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