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In the dynamic field of sports science, achieving peak performance is a team effort involving athletes, coaches, and practitioners. At AthleteNow, we are dedicated to creating a culture of excellence and ethical practice (see blog on choosing a support practitioner). This is why we strongly recommend that athletes and coaches seek the expertise of chartered practitioners. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages of this approach from both the practitioner’s and athlete’s viewpoints.

For the Practitioner: A Benchmark of Excellence

Chartered Status: What It Signifies

Being chartered through organisations like the British Psychological Society (BPS) or the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) is not merely a title; it’s an endorsement of expertise, standards of practice and ethics, and commitment to ongoing professional development.

Evidence-Based Practice

Chartered status ensures that you are proficient in evidence-based practices, a cornerstone of effective sports science. This not only bolsters your credibility but also ensures that you are offering the most effective and current interventions for athletes.

Ethical Assurance

Chartered practitioners are bound by a code of ethics, providing a framework for ethical decision-making and accountability. This is vital in a field where the well-being of athletes is paramount.

For the Athlete: Why Opt for a Chartered Practitioner?

Quality Work You Can Rely On

When you collaborate with a chartered practitioner, you are essentially opting for quality. These professionals have undergone rigorous training and assessments to earn their status, ensuring they are equipped to provide you with the best possible care.

Evidence-Based Training

Sports science is a field where new research is continually emerging. Chartered practitioners are required to stay abreast of the latest evidence, meaning you are receiving training that is not only effective but also grounded in scientific research.

Ethical Considerations

The sports world has its share of stories involving poor or even unethical practices that have jeopardised athletes’ careers. Chartered practitioners are bound by ethical guidelines, minimising the risk of such unfortunate incidents.

Supporting ‘In Training’ Practitioners

For the Athlete

Working with a practitioner who is ‘in training’ could mean that you’re collaborating with a rising star in the field. While they may lack extensive experience, their training ensures they are up-to-date with the latest research and techniques.

For the Practitioner

At AthleteNow, we recognise the value of supporting practitioners who are on the path to becoming chartered. We aim to provide opportunities for these professionals to grow and excel in their field.

The Risks of Untrained Staff

Choosing a practitioner who is not chartered carries risks, especially when it comes to the delicate matter of mental health. The mind is as crucial to an athlete’s performance as the body, and poor or unethical mental health practices can have long-lasting, detrimental effects on an athlete’s well-being and career.

Untrained staff may lack the necessary expertise to identify and address psychological issues effectively. They are more likely to employ outdated or ineffective methods, which not only hampers performance but can also exacerbate existing mental health conditions. In worst-case scenarios, improper psychological support or mental health care can lead to inappropriate psychological states, emotional distress, anxiety, depression, which can have an effect of personal and athletic life.

Moreover, untrained practitioners may not adhere to ethical guidelines, putting athletes at risk. This is particularly concerning in the realm of mental health, where the stakes are high and the room for error is minimal.

By choosing a chartered practitioner, you are significantly reducing these risks, ensuring that you are entrusting your mental and physical well-being to a qualified professional.

Conclusion: Fostering Quality and Ethical Practice

At AthleteNow, we are not just about listing professionals; we are about encouraging quality work and ethical practice in the field of sports science. This is why we have a clear policy of only including chartered practitioners or those on the path to becoming chartered.

We believe that this approach serves the best interests of both practitioners and athletes, raising the field of sports science to new levels of excellence and integrity.

For athletes and coaches, the choice is clear: for the best in sports science, choose a chartered practitioner.

For more information on our directory and policies, feel free to contact us.

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