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August 2, 2023

Athlete Funding Streams In the United Kingdom (UK)

For athletes in the UK, funding can be a crucial part of pursuing their sports careers. Whether you’re a promising young athlete or an established professional, several grants and athlete funding programs can support your development and performance. In this guide, we’ll explore some popular funding streams, including TASS, SportsAid, and more. Plus, don’t miss our top tips to make your application stand out!

TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme)

TASS provides vital support for young athletes balancing education and sports. With a clear goal to aid emerging talents, TASS offers services like physiotherapy, nutrition guidance, and coaching. If you are an athlete who needs to manage both sport and study, [TASS]( could be the perfect option.  


SportsAid is a charity that financially supports young, talented athletes who are not yet eligible for Lottery funding. By highlighting your achievements and expressing a clear plan for future development, you may be eligible for support from this fantastic organization. 

Backing The Best

Backing The Best supports athletes who have talent but are facing financial challenges. Showcase your level of commitment and explain why you need the funding to be considered for this program. 

GLL Sport Foundation

Run by Greenwich Leisure Limited, the GLL Sport Foundation offers financial and training support. If you live or train in a GLL region, this foundation might be the right fit for your needs.

Army Elite Sport Programme

The Army Elite Sport Programme supports talented athletes within the British Army. If you’re serving and have a high sporting level, this could be a valuable avenue for support.

Everyone Active Sporting Champions

Everyone Active Sporting Champions offer sponsorship agreements to athletes at different stages of their careers. Make sure to emphasize your need for funding and how you would benefit from this support. 


Platforms like MAKEACHAMP enable athletes to crowdfund their training, competition costs, and equipment. By engaging your community and fans, you can directly seek support for your sporting journey.

Student Scholarships

Many universities and colleges offer student scholarship bursaries for athletes. Highlight your commitment and success in your sport to be considered for these educational grants and don’t forget, most universities will want you to compete for their team to secure this, so maintaining academics is also part of the package. 

Athlete Performance Award (APA) by UK Sport

UK Sport’s APA focuses on athletes with the potential to achieve success at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Set clear goals and articulate your path to success to make the most of this prestigious award.

Local County Sports Partnership

Local County Sports Partnerships, found at Active Partnerships, offer various support and funding for athletes at the county level. Explore their website to find opportunities near you.


MAKEACHAMP is a popular crowdfunding platform for athletes. Be transparent about your funding needs and highlight your achievements to garner support through this channel.

Greenwich Leisure Limited

Greenwich Leisure Limited operates the GLL Sport Foundation mentioned earlier. If you’re in a GLL area, don’t miss out on their valuable funding opportunities.

Sport England Funds and Campaigns

Sport England offers various funds to support athletes and sporting communities. Browse their website to find the one that aligns with your goals and needs.

Applying for Athlete Funding through Private Funding Grants from Corporations

Many athletes overlook the potential of private funding grants from companies such as financial firms, insurance companies, and other corporate entities. These businesses often have programs or partnerships aimed at supporting promising athletes, aligning their brand with the values of hard work, determination, and success.

Financial Firms

Financial institutions may be interested in sponsoring athletes who exhibit financial responsibility, long-term planning, and the pursuit of excellence. Make a case by showing how your athletic career aligns with these principles.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often value safety, security, and health. Emphasize how your training regime, sport, or lifestyle fits these values. You may find insurance companies more willing to invest in your sporting journey.

Corperate Sponsors

Various other corporations may offer sponsorships or grants to athletes. Don’t limit yourself to companies directly related to sports; reach out to local businesses or multinational corporations whose brand values align with your journey.

Top Tips for Athletes Applying for Grants

  1. Clear Goal Setting: Outline your path to success and how the grant will help you get there.
  2. Highlight Achievements So Far: Your success speaks volumes, so be sure to share it.
  3. Showcase Your Reach: Mention clubs, social media followers, or groups you engage with, showing potential sponsors the visibility they might receive.
  4. Highlight Volunteer Work or Community Impact: If you’ve coached younger athletes, mentored others, or fundraised for charities, this showcases your commitment to community and leadership.
  5. Tell More About You and Your Story: A personal touch can make your application memorable. Share your unique journey and what drives you in your sport.
  6. Highlight Your Level of Commitment: Show your dedication through your training regime, competition participation, and sacrifices made for the sport.
  7. Express Why You Need the Funding: Whether for training, equipment, or travel, be clear about how the funding will support you.
  8. Don’t Forget to Follow Up: After submitting your application, a polite follow-up can show your enthusiasm and keep you on the radar.


Whether seeking public grants, crowdfunding, or private funding from corporations, the options for athletes in the UK are vast and varied. By approaching applications with a clear strategy, showcasing your reach and impact, and telling your unique story, you can make a compelling case for support. Remember, each application is not just a request for funds but an opportunity to form a partnership that can foster your athletic dreams. Happy applying, and may your career soar to new heights!

Funding for athletes in the UK is diverse and plentiful. By exploring the options and following our top tips, you can find the support necessary to reach your athletic dreams. Whether you are seeking support through charitable organizations, crowdfunding, or sport-specific programs, there’s something for every athlete striving for success. Good luck with your applications, and may your sporting career flourish!

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