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The AthleteNow Expert Policy Approved Seal

We stamp our AthleteNow Policy Approved Seal on the profile pages of all AthleteNow Expert who meet our professional criteria for membership. In order for a AthleteNow Expert to be listed on our directory, they must provide us with proof of the following:

Individual Profiles

  • A relevant qualification AND insurance cover; or
  • Proof of registration and accreditation with a professional body

Organisation Profiles

  • A relevant qualification AND insurance cover from at least one member of the organisation; or
  • Proof of registration with a professional body from at least one member of the organisation or the organisation itself.

Content on My Performance People Expert profiles

All content found on a AthleteNow Expert’s profile is generated by the AthleteNow Expert themself. AthleteNow Expert Directory cannot take responsibility for content written on a members’ profiles, although we always check content before initial publication.

Responsibility for changes

AthleteNow Experts are responsible for warning us of any changes to their qualifications, professional body memberships or insurance cover. It is up to you as a visitor to check the credentials of a AthleteNow Experts before agreeing to purchase their services.

Before you book your appointment, ask to see:

  • evidence of qualifications
  • registration details with a recognised professional body
  • evidence of insurance cover.

Remember that professional body membership and insurance cover usually expire after a year so it is important to ensure all of the details on a AthleteNow Expert’s profile are up-to-date. 

Responsibility for correspondence

As a visitor, you must accept full responsibility for all correspondence between you and any AthleteNow Expert you contact through our site.

AthleteNow Expert Directory shall in no event be liable to you or to anyone for any decision made or action taken by you on the reliance on information provided on AthleteNow Directory.

We list basic listings for some organisations for informational purposes. We do not monitor basic listings and they will not have the AthleteNow Expert Directory Approved Seal.

AthleteNow Expert Directory Intentions

AthleteNow Expert Directory is not intended as a website for verifying the qualifications, abilities, credentials or professionalism of any AthleteNow Expert listed and is not responsible for any member listed in the directory. Although we see a relevant qualification for those not registered with a professional body, an approved listing does not mean that AthleteNow Expert Directory endorses or accredits that qualification. AthleteNow Expert Directory does not warrant or represent that the directory or any part thereof is accurate or complete. AthleteNow Expert Directory disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for particular purpose.

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