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Are you a sports scientist with deep expertise and a passion for sharing knowledge? Athlete Now invites you to contribute to our thriving community by writing a guest blog post. This is your opportunity to enlighten both practitioners and athletes, showcasing your specialized knowledge and experience.

Who We Are Looking For:

We seek contributions from sports scientists who are not just experts in their field but are also adept at communicating complex concepts in an accessible manner. Whether your background is in biomechanics, sports physiology, psychology, or any other area of sports science, we value content that is insightful, evidence-based, and actionable.

Guest Writer Blog Post Requirements:

  • Length: Your post should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words, providing ample space to delve deeply into your topic.
  • Content: Choose a subject where you have extensive experience or specialist knowledge backed by research. The topic should be underpinned with relevant evidence, presenting new insights or practical applications that can benefit our audience.
  • Audience: Clearly define whether your content is intended for fellow practitioners or athletes. For content aimed at athletes, ensure the terminology is straightforward yet precise, avoiding jargon that could obscure your message.
  • Style and Tone: Your writing should be engaging and informative. We encourage a style that is both authoritative and approachable, capable of capturing the reader’s interest and providing them with valuable insights.
  • References: All factual claims and data should be accompanied by references in Harvard format to allow readers to verify the information and explore further details.

Editorial Process:

Each submission will be carefully reviewed by two sports scientists. Their combined expertise ensures that all content on our blog meets the highest standards of accuracy and relevance.

Following acceptance, your post may be edited for SEO to enhance its visibility and impact.

Why Write for Athlete Now?

Writing for the Athlete Now blog positions you as a thought leader in the sports science community. It provides a platform to reach a broad audience, including industry professionals and dedicated athletes, increasing your visibility and influence in the field. Additionally, sharing your insights contributes to the advancement of sports science, fostering a better understanding of athletic performance and training methodologies.

How to Submit a Sports Science Blog Post:

To submit your blog idea, please send a brief outline of your proposed topic and a summary of the key points you intend to cover, including any preliminary evidence you will discuss. Email this information to our editorial team. Once approved, we will provide you with guidelines and a submission deadline.

What You Gain:

Contributors to the Athlete Now blog gain the opportunity to engage with a diverse and passionate audience. Your insights may help shape the training practices and performance strategies of athletes and fellow practitioners worldwide.

  • We will link back to your personal website, relevant research profiles (if applicable) and social media.
  • You will also receive an exclusive membership deal.

Call to Action: Write a Sports Science Blog for Athlete Now

Don’t miss this chance to make an impact with your knowledge and experience. If you have a topic that can inspire, inform, or innovate the practices of the sports science community, we want to hear from you. Help us drive the conversation forward—share your expertise and contribute to the Athlete Now blog today!

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