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Upholding Transparent Sports Jobs Listings

In the competitive realm of sports, clarity in job postings is essential. This article serves as a proactive call to action for sports clubs, organisations, and educational bodies to prioritise transparency by advertising their vacancies on our members’ jobs board.

Why Post Your Sports Jobs with Us?

Our jobs board is a dedicated platform where verified professionals meet reputable employers. It’s free to list a job, ensuring your opportunities reach a qualified, passionate audience within the sports community. Our Jobs board is visible to our professional members who are verified high quality sports practitioners, that meet the industry standard. Alongside posting your job listing on our site, you can also work with Athlete Now to:

  • Promote your athlete success stories
  • Promote practitioner success stories
  • Advertise your events (whether you are recruiting new talent through a transfer or ID day, hosting a training camp or supporting a large scale conference)

Our job board is an excellent resource for finding dedicated individuals who are as passionate about sports as they are about their careers.

Athlete Nows Commitment to Ethical Sports Recruitment:

Full Disclosure in Job Listings: Adherence to Salary Transparency

Encourage comprehensive job descriptions that detail responsibilities, working hours, and application deadlines. Transparency in these areas not only simplifies the recruitment process but also attracts candidates who are a perfect fit. We are calling for transparency from employers, advocating that:

  • All job listings on Athlete Now must clearly state the salary or hourly wage.
  • All opportunities must at a minimum meet or exceed the national living wage standards.
    • The current National Living Wage is £11.44 and Full Time Salary would be £20,820.80 (35 hours) or £23,795.20 for (40 hours) as of April 2024
  • A deadline for applications must clearly be stated.

Please find the National Living Wage Report for 2024 here (also referred to as the ‘Low Wage Commission Remit).

Our Best Practice Recommended to Find The Best Candidate

We would like to also take this time to encourage employers (sports clubs, organisations etc.) to be offering above the national living wage for roles in sports. The National Living Wage is designed to give a minimum for people to work and live! If you want a skilled, experienced and qualified practitioner, then the wage should reflect this appropriately.

Boarding positions must comply with legal standards (a maximum of £69.93 per week deduction for accommodation), ensuring that salary deductions for accommodation do not drop below the national living wage. This commitment to legal and fair compensation reflects the high standards of our job board. Other benefits such as Food, Cars and Other Benefits cannot be used to reduce this wage and be deducted.

Our Suggestion For Best Practice On Sports Jobs That Require Boarding

In roles requiring practitioners to live on-site, particularly those involving pastoral care and night duties, we strongly advocate against the mandatory deduction of accommodation costs from wages. Such practices can impose financial hardships on employees who may have existing financial commitments elsewhere.

Instead, we urge sports employers to offer on-site accommodation as additional option for later evenings and unsociable work that does not charge.
This should not disadvantage those who choose to live off-site or cannot live offsite.

Furthermore, considering the demanding nature of these roles, additional remuneration should reflect the skills, qualifications, and significant personal commitment these positions demand. This approach not only adheres to fair employment practices but also respects and values the professional contributions of sports practitioners.

Call to Action: Post Your Job Listings and Champion Transparency

Join us in promoting fair and transparent recruitment practices in the sports industry. List your job today at The Athlete Now job board.

FAQs: Common Questions About Our Job Posting Process

How can I post a job on your platform?

You can easily post your job by visiting our job posting page.

How much does it cost to post a job on Athlete Now Jobs Board

Nothing, it’s absolutely Free

What are the requirements for a job listing?

Job listings must include clear salary information, comply with the national living wage, and state explicit application deadlines.

Can I list a boarding job?

Yes, boarding jobs are welcome as long as they adhere to legal salary deductions and comply with minimum wage requirements.

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