Financial Advisor

I help athletes plan, protect, and invest for the future. In particular, I will help you:

– protect what you’ve got
– invest for the future
– create financial goals and a financial plan

We will review these continually so that you feel secure and on track.

I know from first hand experience that not enough athletes get sound financial planning/advice which is something I want to change. I’ve played professional football in the US and Ireland, and understand the pressures and demands on an athlete.

From my experience, common issues I come across with athletes are:

– they are bombarded with offers from every man and his dog selling them the next ‘best’ investment

– they haven’t thought about what their post-playing lifestyle will look like or cost

– they may have a number of investments; however, have no idea what sort of financial future the investments may provide

– there is rarely an underlying and on-going financial plan to achieve their medium to long term objectives

If you would like a no cost and no obligation chat then send me a message. Worse case scenario I can’t help you, but I’ll know someone who can! My email is or I’m pretty quick to respond on LinkedIn (Max Hemmings).

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