Guest Speaker - Cold Water Immersion

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I am a sports physiologist and specialise in the study of cold water immersion.
I have published several studies in peer reviewed journals on the topic and carried out CWI and Contrast interventions with various health and athlete populations to study the effects.

My ORCID research profile can be found here

I am open to guest speaking at conferences or collaborating on expert panels. I have previously featured in BASES, SportsSmith, Wall Street Journal, Lancashire Evening Post etc

As a sports physiologist with a specialization in cold water immersion (CWI), I have dedicated my career to exploring the physiological responses and benefits associated with CWI and contrast therapy interventions. My research has been extensively published in peer-reviewed journals and encompasses a range of studies on diverse health and athletic populations.

I invite you to view my comprehensive research profile on ORCID here for a detailed overview of my contributions to the field.

I am keenly interested in sharing my expertise and insights as a guest speaker at conferences, engaging in expert panel discussions, or contributing to collaborative projects. I have had the privilege of speaking at a range of conference and industry events along with featuring in other publications such as: BASES, SportsSmith, Wall Street Journal and Lancashire Evening Post etc. 

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