Athlete Lifestyle and Development

I can provide holistic support to athletes, supporting their personal and lifestyle needs whilst promoting and encouraging activity and development that allows them to continue to grow as people as well as sporting performers. My work proactively helps athletes plan for transition from elite level sport and I can continue to provide longer term support should it be required.


I feel the experiences I have had in a variety of roles within elite sport and education have helped me understand the pressures that athletes have both within and out of the sport and I can help them cope and pre plan for these transitions whilst helping them with career and personal development.

I work closely with coaches and support staff as part of integrated multi-disciplinary teams to minimise potential concerns, conflicts and distractions, all of which can be detrimental to both performance and personal life. Support offered from 1:1 sessions to group workshops and as a practitioner I focus on nurturing relationships based on trust and integrity which enable athletes to work in a safe, secure and where necessary, confidential space.
My main areas of expertise within Performance Lifestyle are Managing Transitions, Career Development, Education, Personal & Professional Development and Supporting Well Being.

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