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With over a decade of experience coaching and managing football programmes and players at all levels—from promising young talent to international professionals. Those first-hand experiences have cultivated a familiar understanding of what drives both individual and collective team success.


With over 12 years experience of matches as a head coach/manager under his belt, I have successfully driven the development of both clubs and players for over 10 years. I am passionate about helping players reach their full potential on and off the field taking a holistic approach focusing on advancing players’ tactical proficiency, technical skills, and leadership capabilities on and off the pitch.

As a coach, I prioritise teaching sound fundamentals, advanced game understanding, and dynamic systems of play. When working as part of a professional club in the past, I have conducted in-depth film analysis and strategised adaptable game plans based on opponents’ strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Players under my guidance improve spacial awareness, decision-making, and execution.

Sessions are tailored rigorous position-specific drills to amplify speed, agility, first-touch, and accuracy. Implementation of targeted fitness regimens for power, balance, injury resilience, and heightened conditioning.

I believe in cultivating team chemistry, accountability, and tenacity; modelling and reinforcing positive communication, self-discipline, and strong work ethic. I build trust and ignites passion. Players adopt team-first, competitive mentality.

Individualising modern coaching methods to suit players’ maturation levels and abilities; motivate developmental and high-performance players.

Some former players have had an illustrious career including making international appearances at major competitions and the young players worked with earning their first professional contracts in England and abroad.


MYTHCO Ltd is a consultancy service that has added value to multiple stakeholders across the football industry. Whilst working in a number of positions in the industry including Talent Identification, Analysis and Coaching roles, Myles has also acted on behalf of football clubs looking for potential investors.

MYTHCO Ltd has two performance improvement programmes – one for the team environment and one for an individual: ‘COLLABORATE’ is a bespoke team performance analysis service as ‘COOPERATE’ is an individual one-on-one coaching service aimed at professional footballers of all levels and ages. As a football consultant, I specialise in analysing and enhancing the team dynamics, communication, and strategic planning for football clubs of all levels whilst also providing specialised services to optimise individual performance and support players’ personal growth.

I have also acted on behalf of football clubs looking for potential investors and supported in ownership transition.

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