Sponsored powerlifting athlete - Emma Drackford secured athlete sponsorship through athlete now and broomhead financial partnership

The Journey to International Powerlifting Glory

How Athlete Now and Broomhead Financial Partnership to a Sponsored Powerlifting Athlete

In the world of sports, the journey from an enthusiastic beginner to a world-class competitor is filled with challenges, dedication, and often, financial hurdles. Today, we are bringing you an inspiring success story of a master athlete in powerlifting, whose journey was bolstered by the strategic partnership between Athlete Now and Broomhead Financial to develop athlete sponsorship opportunities.

Athlete Now: A Hub for Rising Sports Talent

Athlete Now is a unique sports directory that bridges the gap between athletes and verified sports practitioners and coaches. With its commitment to quality, integrity, and transparency, Athlete Now is revolutionising how athletes access essential resources. The platform not only connects athletes to top-tier coaching but also offers them exclusive brand discounts, the opportunity to make open requests for the help they need, be it physical, psychological, or skill development.

In addition to this Athlete Now plans to develop resources for both practitioners and athletes, so they can get the most from their careers. One of the first steps was to negotiate a sponsorship opportunity for athletes on the platform. Sponsorships are hard to come by and often there are so many opportunistic companies and agencies waiting to negotiate or represent them (whilst taking their cut ofcourse). Agents can be a great option for elite athletes however, they tend to focus their efforts on professional full time athletes; meaning athletes in none-professional sports struggle to receive any financial support or are at risk of predatory agents.

Emma was the first of what we hope will be more athletes who find sponsorship opportunities on our platform.

Emma Drackford

Emma Drackford Sponsored Powerlifting Athlete: a success story

The spotlight of this story is one of our athlete members Emma Drackford. Emma is a fantastic powerlifting athlete who, despite early physical setbacks, has risen to international prominence.

This athlete’s journey is particularly remarkable, considering the initial challenges faced, including knee problems that hindered any sports participation.

She is a masters powerlifter u57kg in British Powerlifting (formerly GB powerlifting and under the official governing body appointed by WADA for powerlifting).

She was also the British Champion in 2021 and 2022 and 3 x british record holder .

From Knee Surgeries to Powerlifting Passion

Nine years ago, after undergoing three crucial operations to address knee issues, this athlete was given the all-clear to engage in sports. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey into powerlifting. Starting at Pinnacle Performance in Hamble, under the guidance of coach Jamie Gabbidon, Emma quickly moved from a novice to a competitor ready for World Championships.

The Unique Challenges of Powerlifting

Unlike some sports, powerlifting does not enjoy widespread funding. Athletes often bear the brunt of expenses related to travel, accommodation, drug testing fees, and essential gear. This financial burden can be daunting, especially for those competing internationally.

Broomhead Financial: A Pillar of Support

Recognising the talent and potential of this dedicated powerlifting athlete, Broomhead Financial stepped in as a sponsor. This sponsorship was a game-changer, alleviating the financial pressure and allowing the athlete to focus on what they love most: pushing the limits of strength and endurance in powerlifting.

Why Broomhead Financial Sponsorsed Emma

When asked why Craig Broomhead (owner of Broomhead Financial) decided to sponsor Emma, he responded stated that following a conversation on Teams. Emma’s journey is truly remarkable. She began powerlifting just a few years back, initially as a means to strengthen her knees, which had been problematic earlier in her life. This pursuit was more than just rehabilitation; it became a passion, especially for heavy lifting and wanting to improve her quality of life.

Emma’s dedication and skill have led her to qualify for the world championships, and she came very close to securing a top position in Mongolia. What really struck to broomhead, was understanding that Emma like many none mainstream sports had to self-finance her participation, competition entry and other expenses, and he knew that this would provide much needed help.

A Testimony to Hard Work and Support

Credit to White Lights Media team for capturing these images of Emma.

Today, thanks to the support of Broomhead Financial, Emma stands as a testament to the power of determination, quality coaching, and strategic sponsorship. It’s a story that not only highlights the athlete’s relentless pursuit of excellence but also underscores the pivotal role of support systems in sports.


This collaboration between Athlete Now, Broomhead Financial, and a master powerlifting athlete exemplifies how targeted support can elevate sports talents to global platforms. It’s a beacon of hope for aspiring athletes and a testament to the shared commitment of Athlete Now and Broomhead Financial towards nurturing sports excellence.

For more inspiring stories and to join a community that elevates athletes, visit Athlete Now. Discover how you, too, can push beyond your limits and achieve greatness with the right support.

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