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What is The Athlete Forum?

Like any other forum that you would see out there online, The Athlete Forum has a little bit of a twist. Not only is it sports related, it provides a safe, open and inclusive space for like minded athletes to come together, share their experiences, ask questions and discuss vital topics/issues within the sports industry.

You say Athlete? Do I need to be an elite Athlete to join?

This is a great question, and no you don’t need to be an elite athlete to join our incredible forum. At Athlete Now we define an athlete as someone who has a passion for the sport they do, and is eager to learn and improve. That athlete can be of any level, have any experience and take part in any sport. We want the forum to be inclusive, after all sport is something that can unite so many people!

What can we expect to see on the Forum?

Great question! Well, in all honesty we want the athletes to lead the forum and get conversations started. However, now and then Athlete Now HQ will drop in its own little conversation starter, a poll or maybe even share a new facility, partner or practitioner that has joined our platform, so that athletes can stay up to date and well informed! We will always be monitoring the forum closely, and if we see an athlete that might be requiring help or support with a certain topic, or is looking for a practitioner in their local area, it allows us here at HQ to launch a call-out to our practitioner base, with the aim of potentially helping that athlete further.

Where can I find the Forum? And how do I join?

The Forum is currently set up on facebook and the link to access it is within this sentence! To join all you need to do is click the link, from here you will then be asked a set of questions. On sign up we ask for your name, email and the sport you play and whether you agree to the forum rules. Additionally, when you sign up to the forum you will be given a FREE athlete account on our platform, which not only gives you access to our incredible range of practitioners, but also the discounts and deals we have on there for our athlete members.

Can I refer the Forum to other Athletes?

Yes, you can most definitely refer the forum to other athletes! We would love to see more athletes on our forum, talking, sharing their tips, tricks and even recommendations. One thing to note is that when you invite/refer friends to the forum they will also be subject to the same questions and willm have to agree to the forum rules before they can be accepted as a member. As previously stated, we want the forum to be a safe, inclusive space for all our athlete members.

Hopefully, this short but sweet blog has answered some of the questions you may have had about The Athlete Forum. However, if you have any further questions or want further clarity on anything, then please email us at hello@theathletenow.com. Other than that….we look forward to seeing you on our NEW forum!

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