Sleep performance troubleshooting

We know that everyone can improve their sleep. From those experiencing restless nights, waking up feeling tired, feeling drowsy during the day – sleep science is now reversing these symptoms to help people like you;

  • Wake up feeling refreshed
  • Increase their energy for daytime work and training
  • Develop effective strategies for wakeful patches
  • Improved dietary habits because of improved sleep
  • Troubleshooting strategies to ensure disruptions to your sleep or schedule have limited effect on your sleep performance
  • Travel strategies for short and long haul

With either clinical grade sleep monitors (UK only) or enabling you with scientifically valid consumer products such as Oura ring, I will track your normal sleep pattern capture your habits and current practices and develop a bespoke strategy – designed for your needs. We’ll use proven strategies and develop a unique intervention custom designed to develop your sleep. I will problem solve and iterate the development of your sleep pattern to refine the intervention for maximum effect.

This is recommended for elite athletes looking to enhance their recovery and performance, business executives who want to enhance their daytime focus, those in the entertainment industry who have a demanding schedules and need to bring full energy and refreshed performance.

(If your sleep pattern shows signs of a clinical nature I will refer you to a specialist)

If you wish to have a discovery call to find out more about how the support works, drop me a message!


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