Supporting Athlete Training Camps

7-Day Notice
Accredited provider

I am available for consultations, panel discussions, and keynote speeches on supporting athlete training camps.

As an experience strength and conditioning coach, I am currently the head of S&C and performance lifestyle for the TASS and university scholarships at the University of Central Lancashire. I bring a wealth of experience and have had some fantastic opportunities in the past to support training camps in several disciplines.

My experience includes:

  • GB Climbing National Youth Training Camps in Edinburgh, where I provided strength and conditioning support.
  • Paddle UK International Youth Training Camp for Canoe Slalom in Foix, France, where I will be providing targeted S&C and performance lifestyle support.
  • International resort-based training camps for Triathlon and Dance during my tenure at Neilson Holidays, focusing on fitness and active recovery strategies.


GB Climbing International Youth Training Camp in Innsbruck, Austria, where I will be delivering strength and conditioning again, alongside performance lifestyle support.


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